Friday, May 30, 2008

Piano recitals

Last night's piano recital went very well, no matter what some of the participants thought.

Everyone made mistakes.  The difference is that those that have been playing for 5 years kept playing like nothing happened and those that just started this year, when they made a mistake slumped their shoulders or paused or in one girl's case shook her head so hard that her pony tail wiggled from side-to-side.  It all boils down to experience.  I am sure that even Mozart or Beethoven or even Haydn made mistakes during their first years of playing.  I like to think that some of their greatest pieces were composed out of mishaps on the piano.  

listener:  Wow, Beethoven that Solo piece you played was really great who was that by?
Beethoven: Umm... well it was really supposed to be the that piece in the solo book that the teacher gave me to play but I accidently missed the intro and after that I  just couldn't seem to get my place so I just kind of played whatever.  
listener:  Well I thought it was pretty good especially.
Beethoven: uh yeah thanks.  I think I'll call it the 5th Symphony.  
listener:  Don't you need a first Symphony first?
Beethoven:  Oh yeah, right.

Who knows.  Maybe in a few years my first year students will be composing some songs on their own.  Or at the very least, not afraid when I say, "Its recital time."  As long as they don't respond with "Do I gotta?" I figure I'm doing ok.

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