Monday, June 30, 2008


We are at Camp Marshall for Family Camp at which the Rev is Chaplain. I like to look on it as a vacation, Im not sure however that that is an accurate discription for the Rev. We have been studying (started last night) creation in our adult education time. I have decided that friendship or the act of being a friend is probably God's greatest and most awesome act of creation.

While at camp my plan was to lay on the beach, kayak, lay on the beack, hike on wild-horse island, lay on the beach and read lots while enjoying the camp atmosphere. One of my friends generosly loaned my the latest Janet Evanovich book (even before she has read it) for my beach time. God I'm sure was smiling at her act of friendship and selflessness.

Saturday, prior to leaving for camp, I got a call from the Upward Bound program that my daughter is involved in. She was running a fever that Tylenol didn't seem to be having any affect on. I had them add Advil and then call me back. They called back the next morning to let me know that the fever had broke but she just didn't seem "good" and they thought it was best if they took her to they doctor. They were getting ready to leave for Las Vegas on Monday. She went to the Dr. got put on antibiotics and I thought all was good to go.

I got a call at 11pm from my daughter. She sounded terrible and didn't think they were going to take her with them to Vegas cause she was so sick. (mind you that when she gets back from Vegas she is supposed to go to FL to compete with FCCLA Nationals). Not much I can do at 11pm.

I got up and called in the morning to the adults hoping to get some answers. They said that they had not made any such decisions and that they were waiting to see how she felt this morning after being on the antibiotics for 24hrs.

So how was she doing?........not so good. Her temp was back up to 102.8. Yikes anybody want to go to Vegas when you are that hot? Meanwhile, here I am at camp with no way to go and get her and I am 5hours drive time from her.

Yeah for friends. My super-hero friend B-2 actually took half-a-day off work and went and got my daughter and is taking her to her house. YEAH!!! My other friend, super-hero M-Mom is taking time off work tomorrow to go and take her back to the doc. YEAH for friends.

God is looking down on my little group of friends right now, the ones that have been helping to arrange the Kids care as well as those here who have been supporting this basketcase of a mother through it all and smilling big time. Im sure he would agree with me that they are an awesome group and took that extra dose of compassion that he gave them during creation-time and is using it to the best of their abilities.

THANKS EVERYONE for being there for me the shoulders here and the ears on the phones.

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