Monday, June 30, 2008

Wild and weird things on Wild Horse Island

We went hiking on Wild Horse Island. It is extremely beautiful, though HOT. The only wild life that we saw was a fairly large buck with a nice rack. Im sure all the smart animals were bedded down in the shade. Other than that the only weird thing that I encountered was a "Phoenix Compost Toilet".

This could also be called the squat, pee, and burry toilet. Or maybe the human litter box.

I will admit that this is an improvement over the old fashioned out-house. But there is just something odd about walking into a bathroom and being told to place a scoop of wood chips into the toilet before closing the lid.

Was hoping to see more wild life but I really had not anticipated the weird.

It was well worth the trip and the jokes that were made on the way back to camp.

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