Thursday, June 26, 2008

things we learn.

The kid is now 15. We took her out to dinner and a movie for her birthday. I learned a few things that night:

*The kid is now taller than her grandma (grandma is in denial).

*The kid has gone from liking SuperiorBoy to "going with" SuperiorBoy.

*The kid's cell phone is apparently just for looks.

*Moss smells badly when grown as a science project in a college dorm room. EYWWW!!!!

Anyway, the family got The Kid a digital camera for her birthday and I am hopeful that we will actually see what SuperiorBoy looks like cause it appears she is too scared of us embarrassing her for her to actually introduce us to him. 

In all reality it will be good for her to have a camera as she goes to check out UNLV. This way what happens in Vegas wont really stay in Vegas.

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