Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chosen again

some might say it is my "responsibility"
I say unfair!
others might say it is an "honor to be chosen"
I still say unfair!
still others might say that "it is the least you can do"
I say it is an out-rage!
others might say "it is my civic duty"
Again, I say (while stomping my foot) unfair!

The whole time I am going through all of this, the Rev is joyfully giggling in his corner.
Again, (still stomping my foot) no fair!

Yes I have once again become the chosen one for Montana State. I am on jury duty for not one week, not two weeks, not one month, but ONE YEAR!!!!

Oh lucky me!  The recent letter that I was sent asked me to please notify the court of any vacations that I might be going on.....hmmm.....I think my vacation this year is beginning on July 1, 2008 and I will be back in town on July 1, 2009.  

Its not so much that I mind being on jury duty.  In fact being on jury duty in Montana is a lot less painful than being the chosen one in Washington State.  My issue comes with the fact that we have been her for 4 years and I have been chosen twice while the Rev sits back and has not been chosen once.  Lets share the wealth a little, huh?


Mark J. said...

Lucky you.

Been mailed notices many times. Each time there was either a really good reason I couldn't serve (seminary, military...) or I called the night before and they didn't want me.

I'd love to do it at least once, really would. But it never works.

I'll bet you a cold beverage that the next summons arrives right after I get orders to move.

The Lovely Wife said...

cold beverage of my choice? your on.