Thursday, June 19, 2008

bumps and bruises

The Kid arrived home on Sunday night for a short break from her 6-week college prep program to attend volleyball camp. She was having a great time at the prep-program and not really eager to come home even for volleyball. She has been learning to play racquetball and German as well as taking all of her regular classes. They went camping one weekend and got to go to a hot springs. The food is awful but the rest seems all good even the community service day.

She did come home with a lot of bruises on her legs, not exactly sure what this is all from.

She has been going to volleyball camp for 4 days. She starts around 8:15am and finishes around 8:15pm with a pretty decent break in the middle of the day. Not too tough.

The coach however has threatened to wrap The Kid in bubble wrap. Every day she comes home with a new bruise or cut or both. I fear that when I take her back to the pre-college program that they are going to call CPS. I think the only thing that might stop 'em is the fact that all the bruises are in odd places (forearms) and pretty round in shape and the kid is smiling and giggling.

I think I will see if I can get one of those bubbles that the boy that was all allergic to life lived in. I can put her in that and then she will be safe from everything. Or......maybe it would just be cheaper to invest in bubble wrap.

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Jane Ellen+ said...

I can sympathize about the bruises-- they show up on my skin something awful.

Go for the bubble wrap-- it might not keep her safe, but it's very therapeutic!