Thursday, May 08, 2008

sportsmanship vs victory

I love the fact that I grew up in Washington. I love it even more when I read stories like I found on my friend Bruce's blog site about sportsmanship.
Reading this story did several things:
1. Brought tears to my eyes, ok so I'm a sappy girl.
2. Proud that it was a Washington School that I had spent time wandering around.
3. Hopeful that my own child would react the same way.
4. Glad to hear that some coaches care more about sportsmanship than victory.
5. Wishful that we heard more stories that emulated this type of behavior. Maybe it would have a more positive affect on the future.

Ultimately Im sure that these player's parents are extremely proud and if they are not they need to have their heads examined.

Three cheers for CWU and for the Billings Gazette for reporting the story. Good Luck Western Oregon University in the play-offs.

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