Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friday in small town, MT.

Friday night began for us by holding a FCCLA BBQ dinner to help raise money for their trip to nationals. Because our daughter is attending nationals we got to help with the BBQ. Rev had the job of standing outside in tempuratures in the low 40's grilling burgers and hot dogs.

After the BBQ we attended the FFA Donkey Basketball Games. In a small town everyone plays sports, or at least most every one does. Most of the FFA kids stick pretty much to what they know best...FFA. Occasionally a few of them will do one sport or another. It became very evident were their talents were as we watched the first game.

The first game was between the FFA Alumni and the SHS Faculty. The SHS faculty won the game but the FFA alumni were the ones that were able to stay on their donkeys. Unfortunately a few of those donkeys had a little too much kick in their giddyup.

The next game was between the current FFA students and the FCCLA students. The FCCLA team had several students that were also on the SHS basketball team. It could be said that this was an unfair advantage. Although the FFA kids gave it their all. However, their all just wasn't enough. The FCCLA kids won and went on to play the SHS faculty for the championship.

Let me just clarify that there was a lot of cheating on both sides and in the end the
faculty won. The good thing was that everyone had a great time, well everyone except maybe Mr Burke and Mr. T. Mr. Burke spent some time looking more like a rodeo participant than a basketball player. I'm pretty sure he needs some Advil today. And Mr. T. if that is what becoming an administrator is all about, count me out!

My hope is that FFA and FCCLA were both able to make some money off their fund raisers. I know for sure that if not they could count it as a community service project cause the community that came, enjoyed themselves to the max. I even heard one community member suggest that we come up with a Donkey Basketball League, cause it was "definitely a sport that he could watch".

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