Tuesday, May 27, 2008

way to much to do, way too little time

I have decided that I no longer like the month of May.  

There is way too much going on.  It all starts with mother's day, then it swiftly goes into my birthday, then the world gets crazy with end of year banquets, award ceremonies, graduations, etc....On top of all of that we continue to try to have a life, yeah right.  

Meanwhile I am also trying to finish up the year with my piano students.  This week we will have our final recital.  Some students are more ready than others.  I suppose that is no different than with any other class, some kids being more ready than others is why some kids will get As and others will not.  Either way I just hope they all are prepared enough to play when their name is called.

Next year I think I will boycott the month of May.

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Father John said...

I would have to agree with the anti-May sentiment, especially sense the sun has not been out except for maybe 20 minutes all month long. Perhaps next year we can do a fast forward through all the cloudy business and move directly to sunny relaxing June.