Sunday, April 06, 2008

Things not to schedule at the same time

Ok Rev, the Kid and I kinda over-scheduled ourselves this weekend. We are now making a note not to schedule the following events together:
1. Church Adult Easter Egg Hunt.
By the way this event was a hoot. The youth of the church spent Friday dyeing Easter eggs to be hidden during Sunday service for the adults to find. There was one plastic egg which contained a gift certificate to a local restaurant. One of our older parishioners said that she had never hunted Easter eggs before. I realize that Easter Day was two weeks ago and most egg hunts happened then but Easter is a season of 50 days and this event is a fun way for everyone to remember that fact.

2. Hosting Coffee Hour at both churches.
Being in charge of one event (see #1), on top of my regular duties at church was probably enough. Add to that, that this was my Sunday to read and the fact that the family was busy with #3, I think it pushed the family over the top.

3. Prom--yes my daughter's first prom.
Ok, I spent the morning helping to decorate the hall for the prom dinner--the theme for this years prom, "Vegas Baby". Then came home and made one batch of scones for coffee hour. I then helped my daughter with her hair and doing prom stuff.

I also handled a parishioner's medical crisis since he was unable to get a hold of any of his family. He was admitted to the hospital and I took care of calling the family and letting them know what was going on.

We then picked up a parishioners brand new silver convertible PT Cruiser which we borrowed to transport the kids to prom. Rev looked so hot dressed up as the chauffeur for our Kid and her best friend. He drove the kids to dinner and then we drove them to prom. I went a long so that I could take pictures of the "Grand March". All the kids looked so beautiful/handsome.

*to see pics of the event go to the hubby's blog--doesn't he look hot? The lovely lady is my daughter, man, she has gotten beautiful. Not sure when that happened.

We got back home at 10:00pm. Just in time for me to make the second batch of scones. I ended up in bed at about 11:15pm. Todd had to leave at 11:45 to go back and pick the Kid up and drop off her friend.

Exhausted, we all three needed to go to both services on Sunday. Rev, cause well its his job, the rest of us needed to handle Alter Guild duty at the second service as well as coffee hour, and for the first service the Kid needed to be part of the Easter egg hunt and well.....--it would take the whole tired family.

All in all we were an exhausted family for everything that needed to be done on Sunday morning. Next year will be better for we will remember this experience (at least I hope we will), also the kid (as well as all her classmates) will have their own driver's licenses. Chauffeur's are nice but.........

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