Saturday, April 05, 2008

good news or bad news?

The Kid and the Rev came into the house the other night and said "do you want the good news or the bad news?"

Maybe I should tell you that the Rev had taken the Kid out driving. Yes I did type driving. She is now in drivers ed and has just taken the written test for her permit. For those of you who are used to the driving age being 16, and are trying to figure out when did the Kid get to be 16, she is not, you didn't miss any years in a time warp or anything. In Montana they drive at 14.5yrs of age. Most of them have been driving farm equipment for much longer so now they officially can take to road and cause utter terror in some of us adults, although not any more terror than some of the 80-85yr old parishioners that we have and are still driving do.

We have been taking her on some of the back roads to get a feel for things prior to getting into this class and to try and catch her up to Rancher Rudy's kids. Lets just say its been interesting. Mostly she goes out with Todd, I took her out once. I think I prefer to be able to go on roads where there are not ditches on both sides of the road for us to go into. I will wait till she actually has her permit.

When it comes to getting your license/permit, Montana is a weird little state. We have yet to set foot in the DMV. The Kid took the written test at school (and passed on the second try apparently others are still trying). They then fill out an application for a drivers license which has to be taken and notarized. The Kid informed us that she thought my friend Kali was a "notarizer" which I confirmed, so that is who we will go to on Monday. Then we take the application back to the school and they mail them all in and get em processed. I imagine that when she actually passes driver's ed and has to get the real license then we will have to go to the DMV.

Anyway, they had been out driving. Good news--she missed the deer and the fawn and the mailbox and didn't put the car in the ditch. Bad news--she is still having trouble with killing the car. We have a stick shift, good thing at school she will be using an automatic.

Can't wait to find out how her first driving time with the instructor goes. The guy taught the Kid health and as she says "he scares the crap out of me". Will pray both survive this class.

Ah heck--I just thought of the really bad news--I bet we have to check in with our insurance agent now. oh Rev......

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Anonymous said...

RANCHER RUDY?????????????

Since I really don't know any ranchers here by that name, I'm just wondering what that means?