Tuesday, April 08, 2008

is it worth it?

The thing is living in rural Montana I have to drive my daughter 45min to a 30min flute lesson then drive another 45min home. I spend more time in the car than it takes to actually do the lesson. Then there is the fighting and bickering over whether or not she has practiced.

The really annoying thing is, is that the kid has talent.

The Kid and I do have a good time driving back and forth together. Last night she shared with me her "dad gene" and her "mom gene".

The "dad gene" is really just another way of getting to be silly and saying that it is someone else's fault. The "mom gene" is pretending to drive and veer off the road while admiring all the baby cows, "aren't they cute". You then get to make this really great noise that sounds like you have hit the rumble strip. (I swear I never did this--I plead the fifth). Either way we had a good time driving but couldn't we have done that without having to hit my pocketbook up for the expense of flute lessons?

As a piano teacher, I understand the value of music lessons. I really do. It is one of those things that as an adult I really wish I had more time for. I took carillon lessons while my husband was in his last year of seminary and to this day, I wish I had started sooner and also wish I had a practice one that I could tinker on. (Maybe after the carpet and paint are done we could work on a carillon for the church--what do you think Rev?)

Just not sure that for the Kid at this point it is worth it.

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