Sunday, April 20, 2008

Johnny who is our next contestant?

Well we made our decision. South Korea come on down, your the next contestant on who wants to live with a priest.

Our last exchange student really didn't want to be in Montana, she didn't like having to attend church, she didn't like having to share a room, she didn't like not being able to speak her native tongue with her friends from the same country, she missed home and her friends. For the 5 months that she was with us she cried at home, at school, and on the phone with her family. We were constantly being told how much better things were in her own country and how much smarter the kids were there. Basically she didn't want to be here and she made it known.

This was not the experience with the two exchange students previously.

We have decided that what we need is a good experience no matter where the kid be from. We need a kid who wants to be with us. We have told the director of our program that we would take the little S. Korean kid who wants to be around snow and doesn't care that we have a priest as the head of our household.

I then started second guessing our decision. The kid really wants to be around snow. We do get snow but maybe 3-4 inches and then its gone in a couple of days only to come again in a few more. We are not an area where the kids go out and make snow forts and snowmen or get snowed-in or even miss school because of snow days, like say Michigan. Are we misrepresenting ourselves?

Apparently God heard my thoughts and answered-- with 5inches of snow this morning. God has a terrible sense of humor. HELLO? Its the middle of April! I think even the exchange student would agree that she only wants to see snow in the WINTER! The ski resorts are all closed due to the bears coming out of hibernation so the only good reason for the snow now is for the water pack. In the spring she is going to want to see the flowers--or is that only me? OK God, point taken, take your snow back to the mountains and give me my "spring showers".

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