Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Decisions, Decisions...

I got the call this morning...the paperwork was available for pick-up.

What paperwork you ask? The profile of our possible next exchange student. They have only one for us so far and things are not looking extremely positive for more forth coming. It turns out that we have been rejected by three other possible students already.

"Why?" you might ask. I know I did. It appears that coming to live in the house of a priest is not a big selling point. (two students said no due to Rev being, well...a priest and one said no due to location.)

The paperwork that I picked up is on a cute South Korean girl who happens to be (bonus) the same age as my kid. The down side, I already have a SK daughter. We were hoping for someone from a different country.

Hmm, do we take the one who wants to come to MT and be around snow and is willing to live with a priest and his family for a year or do we wait and hope for someone from a different country?

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