Monday, April 14, 2008

Got two cents you care to share?

Ok. I am asking for people to weigh-in with their opinion.

I have been asked to consider going on a mission trip to Haiti to work in an orphanage. Let me put in here, for those of you who may not be aware, while I was actively working in the medical field my specialty was pediatrics. I love babies.

What could be the down side of helping with babies who want nothing more than to be loved, held, cuddled, and nurtured.....oh yeah it is in Haiti.

Supposedly the area where the orphanage is located is really safe. "A lot of diplomats live on the same street". Am I the only one who finds this a little troublesome that they feel the need to warn me of the area in this manner or are they trying to counter-act Haiti's reputation. How bad is it in Haiti? The pull of working in an orphanage is pretty good but should I not consider it due to its location? And if nobody considered helping those in the worst places how would they get any help? Hmmm so much to consider. I would love to be doing two mission trips a year and this one sounds like it has possibilities.

Anybody care to put in their two cents, heck I'll even let you put in a half-dollars worth if you have some good advice.

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Susie/Nueva Cantora said...

Hey Jo... Our diocese has an annual trip to Haiti, a whole group of churches go with an organization called Haiti Outreach Mission. I know tons of folks who have been. They work in a town called... um... Mirebalais, I think. There is an orphanage with a school, a hospital, etc. Its not anymore unsafe per se than other countries - like other travel you should just go with an organization that is established and knows how to tell if travel is actually unsafe. In 5 or 7 years of my home church being connected to that program, they've only ever cancelled one trip, and it was a while ago.

Plus... babies! Yay babies!