Saturday, March 08, 2008


You know how when someone tells you something that they did that was really stupid but not so funny to them (at least not for a couple of days) and how you laugh and think "wow glad that was you and not me".

Well....I'm not laughing!

Ok maybe I'm laughing a little now but in the beginning I thought I was going to cry, and I mean big alligator tears. I am girl who has trained to use a phone since she was very young. Ask my dad, once after getting a busy signal for 90minutes had to have the operator interrupt one of my calls when I was 13. That was when I got the phone removed from my room for a week. I thought that was bad. One week without a phone in my room buy hey we are talking my cell phone that is continually hooked to my hip (or my ear).

Here's the deal, I dropped my cell phone in water. Ok the toilet to be exact. I'm telling ya it wasn't in their more than 3 seconds. But apparently it is balking at the experience and not working. Ive been told to open the whole thing up and let it air out for a couple of days and maybe it will function again. Is there a patron saint of cell phones cause I could really use his/her magic touch.

Anyway, my good friend Kali has an extra un-used phone (actually she has two) something I never would have thought of, I guess thats what happens when you have teenagers and an accident-prone husband, always got to be prepared. Anyway, we put my SIM card in one of the extra phones and voila I am connected to the world once again. For some reason none of my numbers in my address book were saved to my SIM card but hey at least I have a phone that uses the same number that I had.

I now feel connected to the world once again. Call me we can chat. I have free evening and weekends.

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Reverend Ref + said...

And it must have affected your daughter's phone because apparently it isn't working either.