Sunday, March 09, 2008

Scrap happy

Saturday was a good day.
The group that I scrap with met at the school cafeteria on Saturday starting at noon and scrapped the whole day.
There were five of us women and one little extra friend...a mouse from the school kitchen.

You have never seen five women move so fast. Three of us up on chairs and one running around the cafeteria chasing the poor guy, while the fifth gave directions as to where he was going. What I wouldn't give to have a video tape of the experience.

Steph finally got down off the chair and went into the janitor's closet and came back with two brooms. Kali and Steph, now armed with brooms join Barb in chasing the mouse. Sandy and I continue to provide directions. All of us come to scrap with a large bag on wheels that holds all of our scrapping supplies. Some of us even have two. This provides a great obstacle course for those of us after the the little guy and great hiding places for a mouse.

Steph was able to get the mouse, and in doing so broke the corner of the school's broom. She is worried that she may need to buy the school a new one. Hello...I think the its the cost the school pays for extermination. Anyway, from my vantage point I have a different view of the kill. So while everyone else was celebrating, I'm watching the mouse. "hey he's still twitching".

Sure enough, he is now up and running. However he chose the wrong direction to run. He ran toward Barb who was armed with a shoe in each hand. Whap! He went down again.
Again celebration ensues. Again mouse twitching!!! Again mouse runs towards Barb. Not a real bright mouse. Barb gets him with a one-two shoe punch and this time he is most definitely down for the count. Sandy comes in and scoops him up with paper towels and then sends him down the toilet.

Excitement over, we can now get back to scrapping. My problem is that all I could think of now was "Ratouille". You know the movie where the mouse, during an extermination process, gets separated from his family. So now all I can think about is our little friend's family. I decided right then and there that if I see another mouse I am "outta here".

Luckily we saw no other little friends and once again Kali and were the last ones out the door at about midnight.


Anonymous said...

You should have heard Steve laughing when I told him the story that night! It was definately the highlight of the night!


Susie/Nueva Cantora said...

I miss group scrapping.

And I just found a new Archivers store in Michigan...