Thursday, January 17, 2008

where is the chicken, rice, and beans?

Ok last year we ate chicken, rice, and beans for lunch every day and 5-out-of-7 dinners included chicken, rice, and beans as well. In fact when I went home the last thing that I wanted to eat was chicken.

This year has been different.

Breakfast always includes jacks or its just not breakfast.

Lunch has been a combination of sorts. There is always rice and beans and slaw but on Monday we had chicken, Tuesday was beef, Wednesday was Baracuda, and Thursday was pork. Chicken has always been available for those that would rather but for those that didn't try the baracuda or the pork let me tell you, boy, did you miss out. I think that the baracuda has been my favorite. Of course there has always been papaya, pineapple, and watermelon available also. I think lunch has been my favorite meal.

Dinner has had its ups and downs. The first night here Albert cooked for us and of course it was very good with an array of different foods. Sunday night we went to the Pelican which is an expensive resort with a buffet that in my opinion isn't all that great. Monday however, we went back out to the Pelican to order off the bar menu. Food was much better but still not as good as the price. Tuesday we decided to go to Chinese. The Chinese restaurant is probably one of the best in town. The prices are good, the portions are huge and the food tastes delicious. There were 9 of us at our table and we ordered 6 dishes and then everyone just ate family style. It is also probably the quickest place in town. Wednesday night, Albert again was our chef and he of course made shrimp. Yumm! Thursday night we went to King Burger. I again had awesome shrimp. So far I have had either shrimp or fish (or on some occasions both) 5-out-of-6 nights. Tomorrow night the church is providing a pot luck thank you dinner for us and the Garifuna dancers will again be there. I am looking forward to that.

I have enjoyed trying different things like baracuda and sweet corn ice cream, (SuJin would love it.) and garifuna meat pies. All in all food wise this has been a good trip.

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