Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bug update

Ok it appears that the general feeling is that Cece has been bit by a Bot Fly or possibly a red fire ant. The latter is less likely as there is only one bite that looks like this and if it had been an ant there would have been several bites.

I have googled "Bot Fly" and am not sure that I really like that diagnosis so I am still hoping that they are wrong.

Basically the Bot Fly is carried by the mosquito who then lays the eggs on the victim when they bite them. When the egg reaches larvae stage it must be removed. Sounds lovely and the UTube videos of them being removed are disgusting and not for those with a weak stomach. Over the last 9yrs they have had 2-3 people get bit by Bot Flies. We are going to pray that we don't add Cece's name to that list.

Please, keep us in your prayers for this one!


Padre Mickey said...

Yeah, them botflies is not fun. I'm praying it was a fire ant.
I just got back from summer camp where I was bit by all manner of insects, but no botflies.

You'll be in my prayers.

The Lovely Wife said...

Cece says "Im hoping its not a botfly too. Thanks for the prayers. I now have two strange bites. Joy!"