Thursday, January 10, 2008

what to pack

Ok So far my suitcase weighs 44lbs. That means I have 6lbs left.

I still have some bathroom things as well as some of my daughter's things to put in yet. I also have Ibuprofen and hand sanitizer to put in. I figure since Jill (aka Germie) isn't going this year that I can opt to leave some of the hand sanitizer at home and take more Ibuprofen for the orthopedic surgeon who is going this year.

Not sure if Jill would agree with this logic but I think that that might be the plan of my attack. For Jill however, I will try to get in all the hand sanitizer.

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Dawgdays said...

I thought the limit for international flights is 20 Kg, i.e. 44 pounds.

Oh, I checked, and it looks like it IS 50 pounds. Mmmph, mmmph, huff, puff.

Have a great trip and stay safe!