Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Ever get that feeling that you have forgotten something?

Every time we go on a trip, I always get that nagging feeling that I have forgotten something and Rev always replies "Got your meds cause everything else you can either do without or get when we get there". For the most part that is true. My daughter once remembered half way to our destination that she had forgotten to pack underwear. No prob, WalMart was on the way. Several times we have forgotten toothbrushes or toothpaste and even Rev has forgotten his PJs once. Luckily they are always easy to replace and fairly inexpensive. Last year, when leaving for Belize I was pretty sure that I had packed everything. As it turned out I had forgotten one crucial stethoscope. Let me tell you it is hard to be part of the triage team without a stethoscope and you can't just pick one up at the corner market. I am hoping to avoid that fiasco this year.

For Christmas I got a little "M&M Fortune telling dude". Think magic eight ball in the form of a beanie on the head of an M&M guy. Anyway, I keep asking it if I will forget anything for this trip. It keeps coming up with the same response...."It wasn't on your list".

Im not sure if the fact that I don't have a list should worry me or not. If I have no list then of course whatever I may forget is not going to be on the list cause said list doesn't exist. In which case the M&M guy is right. However if I create a list then there is the possibility for me to forget to put something on the list and then again M&M guy is right.

Now the only other viable option that I can see is to consider the fact that the M&M guy is addicted to sugar and is currently on a sugar high (he does have a funny look to his eyes) and really is an unreliable source of information. Maybe I should find a Magic 8 Ball. At least it wont say it wasn't on my list.

Meanwhile, I think Ill just take my chances and try to remember to pack all that I think is important and hope my daughter doesn't forget anything either.

And, yes the stethoscope is already in the bag.

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Jane Ellen+ said...

"...don't have a list?"

I make lists for myself every day-- and for travel, special events or occasions... if y'all had gotten here earlier at Thanksgiving you would have seen my lists for every member of the family-- and if you stood still long enough I'd be glad to provide another (wouldn't want you to feel left out).

How do you function without a list??