Saturday, January 12, 2008

travel and security

First let me say that our journey began at 8am (ok actually it was 8:30) on Friday when we started out for the airport in Spokane. From Spokane we were headed to Seattle to hook up the rest of the mission team. From Seattle it was on to Houston and then Belize City. Then we had a 3.5hr drive to our final destination.

Whenever we go on the mission trip to Belize, Cece and I get all of our stuff to fit into one suitcase so that we can help carry on some of the other medical supplies that need to be taken. This year was no different.

When Father Peter got to the Seattle airport he asked me if I could take 2 extra suitcases and an extra carry on bag. "Sure, no problem." So he gave me one of the heaviest bags I have ever had, it actually weighed exactly 50lbs., a lighter bag 46lbs, and then a small carry on and off I went to check in. Check in went really smoothly and then we proceeded to security.

I'm not sure that I'm fond of the whole security process but I have to admit that the group that we went through had a great sense of humor or so it seemed. I have decided however that when taking on somebody else's carry on it is best to know what is in the carry on bag. The transaction went something like this:
security: Did anyone give you anything to carry on to the plane for them? Did you pack your own bag?
Me: no and yes.
Security: Come on through

As I was gathering up my things that had gone through the x-ray machine, and was putting back my laptop into its case one of the security guys holds up a bag and asks the dreaded question....
Security: Who's bag is this?
Me: Uhm, mine?!
Security: We are going to take your computer out of the bag and re-process it.
Me: Oh, oops sorry I forgot I had a computer in that bag too.

Talk about feeling like an idiot. Ok so in all honesty I never knew that there was a computer in that bag. In fact for all I knew the bag could have been filled with drugs or dirty sweat socks. However next time I will be asking what I have been given to check or carry on.

Meanwhile Cece's flute went through without a problem.
We arrived in Belize City and went through customs without a hitch. I was asked only a few questions:
1. Is this your first visit to Belize? No
2. Do you have anything to declare? No
Ok then have a good visit.

We loaded all of the bags into an empty van and to a pick-up truck and began our drive.

We finally arrived in Dangriga at 5pm. We have just finished eating and I am now going to enjoy the comforts of air conditioning and a nice bed.
Those of you in the states, take note that it is in the 80's here.
Good night

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Reverend Ref + said...

What? You didn't declare that 80 degrees is too damn hot for winter?