Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ok, Its Sunday morning and I think after washing in two different airports and showering here twice I think I finally have the 36hr of travel washed out of my hair and every other pore on my body. However my body aches from trying to sleep in cramped placed like airplane seats that were barely designed for sitting let alone sleeping comfortably, or airport chairs, or large vans where we sat with bags packed all around us. I think next year Jennifer needs to come on this trip as the team's massage therapist and of course I get special treatment, after all it is my idea.

Sundays are an interesting day here in Belize. Church is very important. Businesses are closed. It is truly a day of rest. Father Valentine is the only Anglican Priest here in the Stann Creek District (Districts are like are counties). I thought is was bad that Jane had 4 churches, Father Valentine has at least 7. To help out, our 3 priests that our with us this trip are doing some services for not only Father Valentine but also for his congregations as well. Mike will be doing two services one at 10 in Pamoma and another at 4 in Hopikins. I had decided to sleep in and go to church at Hopkins since it is a Garifuna village.

We are all meeting at 1 at the hospital to organize our supplies. Several people were trying to organize a trip out to the cayes. That trip will take off at 11 and not return until 4. This provides me with a couple of conflicts. I would love to do it but there are only 40 of us and if 1/2 of us go off and have fun-in-the-sun while the rest work what does that say? Also I would miss church at 4 since we need to leave at 3 for that. I am hoping that "many hands make light work" and it will go really quickly and we can leave a little early for Hopkins so that we can have some time to explore the village thus work hard and then play. Time will tell.

Meanwhile it turns out the M&M guy was right. I did forget a couple of things. Nothing of too great importance but a few things just the same. The first thing that I realized that I forgot was my sunglasses. Who thinks of sunglasses in the middle of winter anyway. Yeah as we were heading towards Butte with the glare off the snow I realized that they were still in my purse and I had moved everything else over to my backpack. Oh well easily replaced.

The next thing that I realized that I forgot was my journal. Again, not a big deal after all I have my blog.

The third and I think final thing that I have found that I have forgotten is my razor. I know how this happened as I had all my bathroom stuff packed into my bathroom bag and then decided that why bother with the bathroom bag when everything has to be in a quart size bag anyway and not in its proper place. So I took all my bathroom bag stuff and placed it in my backpack with my quart size bag. I thought that I put my razor into my suitcase but it appears that I have forgotten it. Oh well, Cece packed hers so I guess we can share.

My day however is beginning like all good days in Belize should with a good order of Jacks (mmmmm good!) and beautiful sunshine.

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