Friday, January 04, 2008

Stress decreasing--I think

Ok, I think the stress is starting to decrease.  

We are starting our anti-malaria tablets this evening since I picked them up after work today.   My daughter put together the service booklets for us and they are already to go.  I might add that she did an awesome job with the cover.  She also has all of her finals scheduled and ready to go, ok I think she has one left to get scheduled but hey not bad for short notice.  

Of course then I realized that I didn't have either sunscreen or really good mosquito repellant. Not to worry.  My friends have come through for me and they are taking me to Butte Saturday to get the necessary last minute supplies.  Of course one of them did mention that this was not the right time of year to be buying mosquito repellant and that I might not be able to find it.  Did I mention that these were my friends?  I'm just going to pray that the local sports store is prepared all year long for those wackos that take vacations in the winter to mosquito infested areas.   

My husband is taking my shift at the food bank tomorrow for me so that I can make this little trip to Butte.  He also called and asked another layreader to switch dates with me so that Im reading this week instead of the week while Im gone.  (I might add that he made the schedule, knowing that I was going to be gone, oops.)

Now I need to start getting out the suitcases and making the lists of all of the things that we should be packing.  I hope Cece still knows where her scrubs are.  Things are starting to come together.

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