Wednesday, January 02, 2008


It is that time once again.  Time to begin our trek to Belize we leave in 9 days.

Last year, I was so with it.  The mission trip was scheduled during my daughter's semester finals but I was prepared.  I started talking with all of her teachers back in October to prepare them and make sure that she could take her tests a week early.  All complied.  I talked with our physician, again starting in October, in regards to getting all the right vaccines and anti-malaria pills.  I had all my ducks in a row early.  I knew how much my suitcases were going to weigh.  I knew where all my stuff was that I needed.  I was sure I had everything under control.  OK so I forgot my stethoscope.  Maybe I wasn't as prepared as I like to think I was.  But Im sure that last year I felt a lot more prepared than I do today. 

Once again the mission trip falls during my daughters semester finals. I just got done calling all of her teachers with a frantic call, first to apologizing for not giving them more notice and then secondly asking them to arrange for my daughter to have her finals next week.   Thankfully all were very gracious.  Then after 3 phone calls to our physician our anti-malaria medication should be at the pharmacy tomorrow.  Good timing since we are suppose to start them on Friday.  

This year there are 5 people from Montana going on the mission trip.  It is exciting because there are enough of us to actually play an active role on the team as well as be a representative from the Montana area.  The Montana Diocese will be responsible for evening worship services.   I have the Compline service all typed out and ready.  

I must admit that having the responsibility of the service is both exciting and frightening.  I have never been responsible for a service.  That's the rev's job.  I think my daughter is feeling the pressure as well.  She too will be leading service one night.  

Well here's to new adventures, meeting up with old friends, and hoping to not forgetting anything.  Oh and having enough money to be able to get back home. 

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