Sunday, January 06, 2008

How do guys do it?

Men and women deal with stress differently.  I haven't figured out yet how men deal with stress.  As far as I can tell they just keep it all balled up inside.  Probably in those big shoulder muscles.  I'll have to ask my friend the massage therapist.  Anyway, I do know that they don't hit the mall in groups or for that matter grab a bunch of guy-friends and go get silly and goofy at lunch.  They also don't scrapbook their stress away with a bunch of friends.  So how do they do it?  

Don't get me wrong, Im not suggesting that they have some deep secret way of dealing with stress that is better than the way that women deal.  I just think its different.  Or maybe they don't deal with stress at all, they just let it accumulate inside until whatever has caused the stress has eventually gone away.  Either way I would like to know how they do it.   Some guys never seem stressed.  

Women, thankfully surround themselves with friends and food.  Lately I have been dealing a lot with stress and food only helps so much.  My girlfriends however have done more for me in 6hrs than any good piece of chocolate (milk, semi-sweet,  dark, or even good German chocolate) could ever have accomplished.   Two of my dearest friends took me to Butte (an hour drive of good conversation both ways) to help me get the last of the necessary items for my mission trip.  We were able to find everything I needed. We even got to fill out a donation form at Wal-Mart in hopes of getting them to donated the needed Ibuprofen tablets that the orthopedic surgeon who is going with us needs.  We then got to join up with an other friend for a great lunch.  

I came home from this trip feeling not like I had spent money that I shouldn't have, or time that I shouldn't have but rather like a weight had been lifted from my chest and shoulders.  Not only am I able to breathe better but I feel so much more relaxed.  I should feel much more frantic knowing that I have to get everything packed and all the last minute details but the conversations and the things that were said reminded me of things that I had forgotten and I feel nothing but relief.  

It is so true that God will get me through all of this.  People say God only gives you what you can handle.  Well thankful He gave me some great friends cause they always seem to remind me of what is important in life.  In fact some of Michele's last words to me that day were not to worry about things cause God was using me "as a tool".  I did need to remind her that drills work best when they have a drill bit and nurses work best as "tools" when they remember to pack their stethoscopes.  Yeah, hoping not to make that mistake again this year.   

I like being a woman and dealing with stress by surrounding myself with my friends and maybe even some chocolate.  Im glad that I have great friends to deal with my stress and help me through my life.   

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