Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Shaken Not Stirred

There are many in the group who like to have a drink. I enjoy a good drink as well. Whether it be over ice, blended, shaken, or stirred. My new drink that I learned about on this trip is called a chocolate lady and is served shaken.

Shaken is a verb that applies in many ways. From the bumps on the road, the experience in the ER, to the people that we have seen and the peace that they have about them, to the children and the dances that they learn so young and the value that they place on their heritage.

Our last day in Belize was Saturday (1/19) and this was our free day. Many went to the largest ruins but since Cece and I did that last year we decided to go to Robert's Grove and catch some down time. Robert's Grove is a resort that features white sand beaches with lounge chairs, bars on the docks, hammocks in the palm trees, bars on the beaches, paddle boats, sea kayaks, and an awesome buffet. However the road to get there is part highway and then 26.5miles of extremely bumpy road. I was definitely shaken when we arrived at the resort so when I saw the hammocks in the palm trees it was just calling my name and felt so great to lay there under the trees in the sunshine. I did venture out into the ocean though after a while with Cece and found a star fish.

Kathy was shaken when she went out into the ocean by a school of fish that kept swimming around her legs. You could hear her squealing all the way back up on the beach. She then chose to relax instead on the dock with Blythe. Good thing there is a bar on the dock otherwise it would have been a long walk back to the beach for those two.

The buffet that night consisted of a whole roasted pig, chicken, ribs, snapper, lobster tails, shrimp, and many side dishes. It was all wonderful. I think Cece's favorite part was the dessert table where there was a guy making a fruit mixtures for crepes, several types of pies and cakes, and ice cream. Cece had 3 servings!

The whole day was great and relaxing. We then got to ride back home on the bumpy, bumpy road.

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