Saturday, January 19, 2008

locked in

Ok I got up and went to drop my laundry off at Val's. One problem, the metal screen is again locked. And the trick to opening it only works apparently if you are on the outside. No problem, Im going out the window. I proceed to take the screen out of the window and out I go. To go out the window of your hotel room is kinda like getting into your convertible without opening the door. I walk around to the door, unlock it and go and get my laundry and proceed down to Val's.

When I came back Luz had the hotel cleaning lady locked in while Luz stood on the outside to prove a point: you can't get out. The cleaning lady wasn't able to get out either.

Meanwhile I reported to Elena, the owner, that I had had to remove the screen and why and that I thought the whole problem could be solved with a handle on the inside of the screen. We will see what happens.

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