Sunday, October 28, 2007


Finicky as defined by "The American Heritage College Dictionary" is: insisting capriciously on getting just what one wants; hard to please.

I used the word finicky this morning when my daughter turned up her nose at not one flavor of yogurt, not two flavors of yogurts, but several. Amongst those flavors were blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, and berries and cream. Thank goodness there are three other mouths in the house that aren't that choosy about our food.

Rev is not at all particular about his food. He has been known to eat cold spaghetti sandwiches, spaghetti-os right out of the can, and the man could care less if any of his food touches when he goes to a pot luck.

Me on the other hand, well I guess I am a little finicky. Its not that I wont eat just about anything, but I do not like my food to touch. I'm a divided plate kinda gal. My spaghetti was not meant to touch my corn, contrary to popular belief hamburger does not mix with everything, and my pancake syrup was not meant to be a swimming pool for my sausage. So I guess I am to blame for my daughter being a finicky eater. I however will not take all the blame. I am willing to wear a windbreaker and eat a banana, for the explanation to this you will have to ask Rev.

I do stand by the fact that sometimes it is ok to be finicky. And no Im not saying this clear my name. But think about it, when choosing a house for example you don't choose the first dump or mansion that you walk into. You look for the right one, the one that is best suited for you. You make sure it has enough bedrooms, working plumbing, good roof, electrical etc.. When searching for a career, you need to be a little choosy also. You don't want to take the one that really doesn't fit your talents. You wouldn't agree to be an accountant when you've been trained as a nurse, or you wouldn't take less than minimum wage etc.. I tried to explain this to my daughter as well. She is not yet ready to buy a house, she still thinks having mom and dad foot all the bills is the best way to go (think Ill teach her the word frugal next), and she hasn't started searching for a career yet either so I tried to put it in terms that she would understand. I told her that it was ok to be finicky when picking her boyfriends. Cause when your finicky about who you date you can end up with some sweet stuff that hasn't been noticed for all its worth. Picking your boyfriend is definitely when you want to think "strawberry-white chocolate" not your standard run of the mill "blueberry".

So bottom line, you can be finicky about most anything but its only worth being finicky when it really counts.

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