Thursday, January 17, 2008

Locked in or out?

Ok last year I got locked out of the hotel room when Cece went back to the room early and I stayed and hung out with the rest of the group. This year, I wanted to make sure that we had no "Yo, Lady..." experiences like last year. I asked for two sets of keys. Apparently there is only one set for each room. Ok, we will just make sure that we are prepared.

However, last night my best laid were not as well planned as I had thought. When I went to leave the Chaleanor Cece and Zach were talking with Andrew, a 15-year-old Belizian boy from next door, as well as Byron the 12-year-old(?) grandson of Chad and Eleanor. Cece did not want to go yet. I made arrangements for her to come back to the Bonefish with Zach and Wes and went on home. I made sure that all of the front doors were unlocked so that Cece would have no problem getting in.

About 2hrs later when she still had not come home yet I went to check the front doors again. Yes, the owners had been by and had locked them. I unlocked the wooden door and proceeded to try to unlock the decorative screen. No such luck. There is actually not a door handle on the inside of the screen, only the lock so it presents some challenges when it comes to getting it unlocked from the inside.

I went down to Luz's room and knocked on her door and asked for her help. Still the two of us had no such luck. Luz began to say things like, "oh my God, what if there is a fire?". Ok, like that was what I needed, one more thing to worry about. As if not being able to get to my child is not bad enough.

Luckily for me my room has two windows so I began to take the screen out of the one. This was no easy feet but I got it done. I figured I could open the door from the other side where there is a door handle. Just as I was getting ready to climb out of the window, Zach, Wes, and Camellia came home. I might add that Zach and Wes would not have had a key to the lower-level outside door as they are staying in the upper level. Cece wanted to know what I was doing half hanging out of the window. Somehow telling her I was saving her from a "Yo lady" experience only made her laugh.

At breakfast, the owner of the Bonefish showed us the trick to opening the screen. She also made me great jacks with my eggs so it makes it kinda hard to be mad at her..

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