Friday, October 05, 2007

Side Kicks

My daughter and I recently watched "Sky High", a cute movie about a high school for teens who are super-heroes in training. The first day they went through basically a sorting of sorts, where they were either deemed "heroes" or "side kicks". Obviously everyone wanted to be a HERO and the "side kicks" became the losers of the school. Sometimes, however the power of the sidekick is what is needed to solve the problem and save the world. Such became the case in the movie.

You know everyone needs a side kick but sometimes we don't realize who our sidekicks are. The Lone Ranger had Tonto, Batman had Robin, Lucy had Ethel, and Charlie Brown had Linus. I know some will argue that Charlie Brown had Snoopy but come on, who did he talk to at the brick wall about "the little red-head" and all of his other problems with.....of course, it was Linus.

As a clergy spouse I get to be Tonto, Robin, or Linus. Please note that I am not putting myself in the same category with Lucy and Ethel although Kali and I might be able to go there on occasion. Anyone who knows me in my pre-clergy spouse days can tell you that I was never really the "sidekick" kinda gal. But none the less this is where I have ended up and I enjoy it. I like watching Rev be in the lime light, teaching, and basically leading a flock. After he has discussed things with his other "hero" friends, I like being the companion at the brick wall at the end of the day who he goes to, to find out how things have gone.

I have also learned that as a side kick I possess the talent to do some things that he just can't do. Believe it or not he is excellent at helping with the household chores(thanks mom) which helps to make us a great team, and he is an excellent listener, and a terrific parent. However, put a drill in his hands and you can just watch the frustration level climb merely while he is holding it. I, however love to hold the drill. I enjoyed re-doing our daughters closet which is now my dream closet. When doing projects I have found that I get to be the Hero and he gets to be my side kick and it is kinda fun.

I wouldn't trade being his sidekick for anything. It definitely takes the two of us to get things done. I truly believe we were meant to be a team. We recently put together a loft bed for our daughter (me being the foreman, Rev being the assistant, quite the switch from usual) only to have our daughter worry about falling out. In the morning when our daughter got up and Rev said "see you didn't fall out" and she replied "Yeah, but I almost did" (please read that last line with the attitude of a teenager). I realized how very glad I was that I had him for my Hero parent. I would have rolled my eyes and told her not to be so dramatic. The Hero however, replied "Yes, but you didn't".

Rev, Thanks for being my Hero. I'll be your sidekick any day--love ya.

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