Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Shouldn't Dad be doing that?

Two weeks age I helped our contractor friend, who came over and changed how the closet door swung. The door to our daughter's walk-in closet (Yes, she is the one with a walk-in closet) swung in. Steve and I (I didn't do much but I helped a little) changed the door so it now swings out while Rev sat downstairs and entertained the lovely Kali. After the doors where changed the big work began. I started installing new walk-in closet rods and towers. Yes my daughter has the closet of my dreams. This project has been going on in stages for the last two weeks, briefly interrupted by my daughters house guest.

The thing that really gets me is that last night I went to change a light bulb that has been out for about a month in our hallway and asked for our daughter's assistance since I was going to need to stand on the railing of the widow's walk. As I'm standing there unscrewing the light covering she actually has the gall to ask me, "Shouldn't Dad do this?". Like I'm not capable to change a light bulb but its ok for me to drill into the walls of her closet? HELLO? Who ever said changing light bulbs was guys work and who taught her this? Thats what I want to know.

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Jane Ellen+ said...

No, changing light bulbs is not "guy's work." On the other hand, Dad is significantly taller; sometimes that makes such a job easier... but the kids do stereotype us, don't they?

This puts me in mind of a conversation between our kids, when the younger one told the older one not to put her CD of choice in the car's CD player, because "that's not a Mom Band." It was not obscene or anything; what makes them not a "Mom Band??" It's not like I listen to elevator music, for pete's sake!!