Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Spent all day on Monday working with the Radiologist assisting with ultrasounds. When I was wandering from area to area I met some of the sweetest children. One little girl continually grabbed my hand and smiled at me. All the people here are so grateful that we are here and so trusting in us. There normal doctors come from Cuba and they dont seem to trust them as much.

Today is Tuesday and I will be working in Triage. I am looking forward to that as I will get a chance to work more closely with the people. Wish I had remembered my stethoscope though. Oh well. Cece will be working today as a runner taking the patients from triage to the specialist that we have brought to be seen. She spent yesterday in the conference room helping to organize the meds in the afternoon. she spent the moring throwing up so we let her sleep a little in the morning. Dont worry she is doing well today.


Kali said...

So no Chicken heads or feet yet?? I wondered if that's what made Cec sick! HA! I'm so glad to hear it's going well! Miss you! K.

Anonymous said...

We are enjoying your woderfull accounts of an exciting adventure! Memories for alife time!
Harriet (Cliff & AnnScott's mom)