Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Singing in the rain

Ok it was actually triage in the rain, more like a torential storm. I got through triaging patients and started helping out "running" patients (basically taking them to the physician that they would be seeing). All of this was done in a HUGE rain storm. I quickly became soaked. The parking lot which is where triage was set up, was a lake which meant that we had to walk a longer route in the rain to get patients to their destination. I accidently stepped in a puddled, not sure what was in the puddle, Im pretty sure that I now have mosiquito larvae growing in my shoes along with who knows what else.

I became so wet that taking patient's into the buildings where the fans were blowing gave me quite a chill. I had water running down my back, off my glasses, off the edges of my scrubs, I was ringing out my shirt, it was all an experience that Im sure I will soon not forget. The rain was coming down full force and these people had been waiting for hours just to get through triage but I never heard one complaint, in fact just the opposite. As one gentleman and I were making our way through the torrents he replied "I think it might rain today, what do you think?" All I could do was say "You think?" Another patient asked if I had just come from taking a shower. I told him no but that if Id known I was going to get one here I would have slept in and not taken one at the hotel. He just laughed. After lunch the rain stopped and the hospital loaned me a scrub top, it was way too big but I didn't care about the size, it was dry and warm.

The people did tell me that this rain was very uncommon for this time of year. Yeah so is the weather all around the world. They also guarantee that the weather would be nice for Saturday, our free day.

Tomorrow I am going to the school to do screening on the kids there. Should be a good day, hopefully a dry day too.

Meanwhile the thought for the day: Do you know where old American school buses go to die....................They don't die they just become Belize public transportation.

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