Friday, January 19, 2007

Shane the antagonist

The next member of the team that I would like you to meet is Shane.

Shane apparently snores like a "banshee". He does deny this. I however do have it from a very reliable source, Jill-the-germophobe his wife, who packed 10 pairs of ear plugs and has offered them to anyone who has complained of not being able to sleep at night.

Shane is a paramedic who for the first couple of days taught a first responder class to the locals. the first day of his class he taught some basic anatomy. He got asked questions like "how does the blood know where to go?" Of course he had the typical student who slept through the lecture too. I dont think that this is a reflection of Shane's teaching abilities though I wasn't in the class so I can't be too sure. The rest of his class did go well though.

Shane's dad is Dr. Bob who has come on this mission trip for like 7 years and the patient's and nurses here all know him by name. It is great to hear them yell "Hi, Dr. Bob" when we first got here. Dr. Bob is apparently where Shane learned to be an antagonist.

The thing I like about Shane the best is that he isn't afraid to give Cece crap. Cece was watching over the drugs in the conference room (our supply room at the hospital) to make sure that they didn't develop feet and walk away (the Cuban doctors are great at taking our supplies to send back home to their mission hospitals in Cuba). Shane would go into the room and tease her about not being much of a threat. "What are you 90lb?" Then he would point out that he weighed more than her. And for her to really do an effective job of protecting the supplies she should be up walking around the conference room. He proceeded to walk over to the drug table and pick up a small bottle of drugs. Cece got up and asked what he was doing and told him that the large bottle of pills were "for throwing at your head". She may only be 90lb but shes got spunk.

Shane has a great personality and seems really easy going. He has helped out as a runner in the pouring rain, worked construction, and basicaly worked wherever he has been needed withough any questions. Today a group went to a Mayan village to see patients. Shane really wanted to go along and see the village. But for the sake of the team he chose to stay and help the construction team who really needed his help. Way to go Shane.

The thing I don't like about Shane is that his eye sight is really, really good. As most of you know mine is not. Shane is up on me by a frog and a trantualla. And he found a conch shell by the side of the road while I was walking with him. I however have seen the squirrel who lives in the coconut tree so I do have him there. He can't prove that he saw the trantualla cause it was on the road and they were going like 60mph and actually probably ran over so I have to take his word for it. Then again I really dont think I want to see a trantualla while Im walking anywhere.

But really Shane has been great to work with and hang out with and lets face it, anyone who can deal with Jill and her germophobia on a daily basis has to be an ok guy.

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