Friday, January 19, 2007

Blythe-the Vietnamese woman

Ok its time to meet Blythe. Have you ever noticed that the people who smile a lot and easily are the people that are easy to be around. Blythe is one of those people. Blythe is always greeted with smiles from the hospital staff as well as the patients who are repeat patients.

Blythe does however have a voice that carries more than mine does, or maybe she is just loud. Either way I think she could actually get away without using the walkie-talkie that we use for communication and still be heard through out the hospital.

Blythe has been in charge of triage, not a job for the faint of heart. She is the one who has been the person to tell the masses who are waiting, and I do mean masses, that we have all the patients that we can take for today and the rest will have to come back tomorrow. On Thursday things got so bad that we were actually triaging patients and having to tell them that they would have to see a local doctor for some things. The local doctors are Cubans and are usually mission doctors with limited skills. They are not trusted and after hearing some of the stories I can't say as I blame them. Anyway, this is how Blythe got her new nickname. The locals wanted to know if she was from Viet Nam cause she was "so mean" and loud. You should know that Blythe is fair skinned, blond, and blue eyed (Mark she is also single, just to let you know), She was "so mean" and no9t letting people see the "American docktors".

All I can say is thank God for Blythe, cause some of those patients that I had to send away almost had me in tears with their looks of despair and their stories of how far they had traveled to get to us. Blythe was the one that gave me the kind words and kept me going and helped to get me through. Blythe is a true leader who I would be happy to work with again.

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