Tuesday, January 23, 2007

NOT chicken, rice, and beans

I am staying with my in-laws for a day and a half. My mother-in-law wanted to know what we wanted for dinner. "Not chicken, beans, and rice". She served meatloaf with a baked potato. YEAH for comfort food.

For dessert she made my favorite, blackberry pie. YUM!!! Boy is it good to be home.

At breakfast however, she asked if I wanted toast or a bagel. What no fried jacks? Man I miss those. How 'bout you May?

Actually though it is really good to be home, or at least almost home.


Dawgdays said...

Sounds like you had a grand adventure. Welcome back!

The Lovely Wife said...

Thanks. It was great. The kid is already planning for next year.

Mae said...

I MISS MY JACKS!! I'm going to try & make them this weekend, but it just won't be the same....

Someone at work had brought pineapples today...you know, the kind that's already cut up, in a divided plastic container with grapes & cantaloupes? It was the WORST PINEAPPLE EVER! Nothing will taste quite like Belize. I miss it so much!

Oh, & email me your address! I need to send you your book back...I loved it!

Hello to Cece! :)

blythe said...

I know what you mean nothing like jacks and fresh OJ. Still trying to get readjusted here. Say hello to CeCe for me. Cant wait for next year to come. 11months and counting