Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dorothy is right

Dorothy was right, there is no place like home. Getting off of the plane and seeing my husband waiting for me confirms that. The cats seem happy to have me home as well. (They didn't greet me at the airport but were right there at the door when I finally reached the house.)

I have ran into a few glitches so far being home and Im sure that there will be more. Cliff's mom has warned me of this. My first night in my own bed I thought would be glorious and it was for the most part. Rev's pager went off in the middle of the night and I woke up unsure where I was which freaked me out a bit. Nothing looked familiar. This wasn't the Bonefish. It wasn't my mother-in-laws. Rev reassured me and I was able to go back to sleep. Didn't expect that to be a problem.

Had shredded wheat for breakfast, sure wasn't Jacks. (Gonna try to make them on Friday but I need to figure out how much 1lb of flour is, any suggestions?) Had OJ to drink. The container said it wasn't from concentrate, but it didn't taste fresh squeezed either.

Guess there will be some adjustments. But I am definitely glad to be home. Honey can I have another hug?

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