Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mike and Linda

Mike and Linda are one of the couples that are repeaters on this team. I got to sit next to Mike today on our way to the Xunantunich Ruins.

I had visions of Beauty and the Geek.

Linda however says it really is more Geek and Geek.

We were driving along and Mike made me feel right at home, in fact maybe a little homesick for Rev. We were driving through the orange orchards and someone reported that there was an orange truck. Mike replied "looks more brown to me". True the trucks color was brown, but it was hauling oranges Mike.

Then when we were coming into a town that showed a population sign, Mike told me a story about the days when he and his buddies used to drive home from college and on their way they would pass through towns and they would notice the population signs and try to figure out all of the prime factors of the population number by the time they reached the city limits. Mind you Mike is not from the days of a calculator, he is from the days of slide rules, this makes this fairly impressive but still rather Geeky.

All I can say is Linda you married a Geek. She replied, that she knew, he married one too. Oh no, two geeks in one household. There oughta be a law.

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