Saturday, January 20, 2007

Belizian Chickens

All week we have had chicken. Ask Cece what we are going to eat, she will laugh and reply chicken, beans, and rice. Truely that is pretty much what we have had. The beans have sometimes been different. The chicken has been different every time but everytime has been enjoyable. (OK Cece didn't like the BBQ chicken but hey she doesn't like BBQ chicken in the states either). Luckily for Cece the night we had BBQ chicken and tortillas and beans, Germie provided her with peanut butter and jelly for a tortilla.

The one thing that does puzzle me about the chickens here in Belize is this: How do the get breast-less chickens? Each day that we had chicken it was either a drumstick or a thigh, but never a breast. The night that we went to the Pelican Bay Resort, same thing, stuffed chicken THIGHS. Dont get me wrong, chicken thighs are my favorite. I am not a white meat girl. I just wonder where the rest of the chicken goes. I know that there was a poultry processing plant near the hospital with a sign that read, "Buy one get one free, necks and backs" (let me tell you, they aren't talking about massages folks)

So, what about the breasts?

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