Saturday, January 20, 2007

Free day

Today was our free day. 16 of us piled into a 15 passenger van to travel 3 1/2 hours across Belize to Xanantunich (pronounced Shoe-nan-tune a-vich). We let Dr. Tony do the driving. Im not sure if this was wise. I learned that Tony has a wicked sense of humor. Speeding up and slowing down just to prepare the back of the van for bumps (speed bumps and pedestrian bumps along the highway at random intervals) at different times and speeds than the previous bumps so as to continually throw them off. I will admit that the sound affects coming from the back of the van were pretty hysterical.

Rev would hate driving here, if you think the signage at Moonlight Basin was bad you ought to try it here. We were driving along and went to cross a one-lane bridge, not an uncommon thing here, and there was a long lane of cars coming at us so we were waiting our turn. Then we found out that we were trying to go the wrong way onto the bridge and the bridge that we wanted was down around the other block. Ooops.

We also learned that Tony likes the traffic circles. Several times we got into a traffic circle and should have taken the out at 9 o'clock but went around twice before taking the out. I wasn't sure we were going to make the out but then I think that was Tony's sense of humor again.

Tony also tried to tip the van over. Alright he was actually trying to turn the van around, went into a ditch and put us at a 45degree angle. Climbing out of the van so that we could push the van out of the ditch was a little entertaining. Yes, I do have pictures to document the event.

Tony did get us home safely after stopping at the hospital for prescription pads (he has one family in Dangriga to see). The hospital was out of prescription pads so they gave him regular plain paper cut the size of prescription pads. Ok, that I know would never work in the US.

Anyway we had a great time at the ruins and we all got home safely.

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