Monday, January 22, 2007

Last morning in Belize

Our last morning in Dangriga was a little sad for several reasons.
1. No more fried jacks, pineapple, lime juice and pantirippers.
2. No more team. Im gonna miss my new found friends.
3. No more smiling Belizian faces.

Dr. Bob, Shane, Jill, Cece, and I decided to have one more breakfast together at the Riverside before church. Im really glad that we did. We got there just as they were opening, in fact Ronnie wasn't even there yet. I told the other two cooks that Ronnie had told me that she would show me how to make "Fry jacks" and so they put me to work in the kitchen. (Yes Jill I washed my hands first.) They showed me how to roll out the dough, cut it, and fry it. Then basically had me do it. I also took advantage of being in the kitchen and placed all of our breakfast orders. There has to be some benefits, right? Anyway, I have had 3 different cooks give me the recipe for jacks and it has always been the same:
1lb of flour, 1tsp of baking powder
1/4tsp (approx) of salt
2Tb (approx) of shortening
and water. This should be enough for 4 people, or so they tell me.

After breakfast we walked over to Christ The King, Anglican Church. We had a mangy dog (I mean that he had mange, was flea bitten, and overall looked rather sickly) follow us to church. We were doing our best to try and get rid of him but he seemed rather found of Jill. Maybe it was the smell of hand sanitizer. Anyway, he brushed up against Shane's hand and when we got in front of the church Shane turned to Jill and asked "Do you have any hand sanitizer?". All I could think of was "Like DUH!!!!" This led to a discussion of why Jill should write a book titled "Why I married a retard". Actually Shane is actually quite bright. He has 2 BAs, one in molecular biologoy (yeah gonna use that every day) and one in business management. He is currently "just a paramedic". But heck he married Jill who takes pretty good care of him so he can't be a total retard.

Anyway we got to church only to find out that services were to be held in Pamona because it was there annual meeting. Hmmm sounds like home. So everyone there was being bused to Pamona. Didn't want to miss my flight home (see blog titled bugs) so we all walked back to the Chalenor and hung out till it was time to leave. I was kinda bummed cause I wanted to her Father Valentine preach and I wanted to attend a service in Belize but maybe next year.

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