Monday, January 22, 2007

Roadside Assistance

Ok we got all of our stuff loaded into the vans and headed out to Belize City to the airport. On the way we encountered a traffic accident.

I would call it a one car accident but I dont think that is quite right. It was actually a truck, who was pulling 2 other cars, who lost control and rolled off the road. Apparently the accident had happened over 2hrs prior to us arriving and still no ambulance had arrived. I should note here that in Belize ambulances are for transport only and give no care.

Thankfully we had several doctors with us and a paramedic in the group. The driver was stuck in the car (he weighed 400+ easy) and had a fractured arm. Shane pulled him from the vehicle, helped to make sure he was stabilized and would be ok until transportation would be able to arrive.

YEAH for the team.

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