Monday, January 22, 2007

bugs, and I do mean BUGS!

Ok, I haven't had any problems with the locals in Belize. In fact I found them to be some of the most patient, trustworthy, and loving people I have encountered. And for the most part I haven't had much problem with the bugs, aka mosquitos and sand fleas. Jill and Blythe however I'm not sure if there present jobs are going to let them back to work. They look like they have caught some rare jungle disease. That would be fine with Blythe, she would just stay in Belize, at least until I think June of '08, right Blythe?

Anyway, I went back to the hotel after trying to go to the bar with some of the team the other night. The bars were not opening until after the football/soccer game was over. The game was due to finish around 11:00. Too late for me. So I went back to my room to find out that the Cece-inator had done battle with a BIG bug. She actually had the hotel staff kill it for her and since I wasn't there I had to take her word for it on just how big it was. Then I went into the bathroom and proceeded to find out how big it was cause there was another one there in the shower. About 4" long and about 1 1/2" wide and darn right UGLY! We smooshed him good. Washed part of him down the shower drain and flushed the rest of him down the toilet to warn any others that might have similar ideas of coming up the drain not to do so. I then decided I was ready to go home. Good thing we were leaving the next day.

I did take pictures of the bug prior to killing it and proceded to show them to everyone in the morning. Jill really made me want to go home when she said "How many times do you think they crawled over you in the night?" Ok now I really want to go home and I have the heebie Jeebies.

According to the hotel staff, it was the really hard rain that afternoon that drove them into my nice dry and warm abode (the air conditioners are not left on cause they are really efficient).
I say crank up to the air conditioner.

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Joe said...

Hey, can you send me the picture of the bug -- Joe Wolfkiel