Friday, December 24, 2004

Ordination--words of wisdom(?) to those spouse to yet go through this

Let me begin by saying that Rev Ref's ordination was awesome. Having already been through his deaconate ordination, I was able to view all of this one without the tears and also without the jitters of having to play the carillon. Though I did miss the latter. But I thought that for those spouses yet to go through this event I should give some words of wisdom or maybe just a forewarning of what to do, not to do, and what might be going through your head.

1. For female spouses it is good to bring a second pair of nylons. Walking around with a run in your nylons is really not befitting of the wife of a newly ordained priest. Male husbands for you I guess it might be an extra tie?

2. Your emotions will be in overdrive (that goes for all family members) I can not think of any other time that I have been more proud of RevRef, except maybe during the birth of our daughter. But I kid you not it is that kind of a moment. I swear you can see the Holy Spirit in glow in him during the service.

3. (This ones important) Remember that the Dean is in-charge of the service and it is his job to tell everyone what to do, where to be, and if you have questions don't ask your spouse. The ordinand has enough on their mind find the Dean!

4. Remember #3, when the Dean is giving you, your instructions about how to vest your spouse during the ordination process, remember that in the service that your spouse will be going through shortly, that the bishop will ask your spouse "Will you do your best to pattern your life, and that of your family, in accordance with the teachings of Christ, so that you may be a wholesome example to your people?"---with that in mind it would be could to curb your quick tongue (aka smart mouth) and not say to the Dean that you will appreciate his help because you are way better at undressing your spouse than dressing him. Trust me on this one. For the rest of the day you will remember the look on that man's face and the stunned silence that followed not to mention all of the laughter. We won't even go into the shades of red that were donned on the cheeks. Yes red is the color for ordinations but that is going a bit too far. Not to mention that before we left for the evening being told by the Dean that I had the "quote for the day" and having to relive it all over again. Just trust me on this. Smile and nod.

5. If you have made real bread for the ceremony (SWTS bread recipe is sooo easy and goes over really well) and your child asks if there is any bread left over after service can she have seconds, please make sure that she has learned to speak very quietly. My child now is known and the not carbo-challenged and yes she received "seconds" and continues to get left-over consecrated bread after every service on Sundays. Being a seminary kid she learned some bad habits!

6. If you have to travel (we drove 2hr to get to the cathedral for ordination) don't forget your camera. Your spouse will want to be there early no doubt so when you have already traveled 15min and gone through town and are on the highway and you mention that you have forgotten your camera you spouse will probably not be happy, shrug and say oops too bad. Thanks AKMA for saving my butt on that one! Although Im not good with a digital camera at least I have pics of the event. (will try to post them later - not sure how to do that) I recommend hanging the camera on the doorknob or putting in the vestment bag on the NIGHT BEFORE!!!

7. Most of all Enjoy the process. With that I do mean the whole process. Look backwards at All the hoops that you and your spouse have had to jump through to get to that special day, look back on them and see how much you've grown in faith through all those bumps, jumps, tight spots, and times when you thought you would never get there. I know that for me looking back on those times brings tears of joy to my eyes. It was hard, Lord knows it, there were times when we were unsure of why, what, where, who, when etc......but I can put a face of a person who helped answer all of those uncertainties. Those are the people who helped me have faith through out that past journey. It wasn't always easy but then again neither is life. After looking back look ahead and visualize all the hoops your husband and you and your new congregation will have ahead of you. Enjoy the process! Hindsight is 20/20.


Jane Ellen+ said...

I loved your comment to the dean; that was the best!! After the Ref. told me, I shared the story with my family. My dad laughed right out loud, and now he really wants to meet you. :-)

That whole forgetting thing sounds very familiar-- enough that I've gotten to where I start flinging things into the car whenever I think of them, even the night before.

Which reminds me-- my alb for the service tomorrow. . .

Dawgdays said...

These are darn near as good as RevRef's GOE tips.

I think I'll ask a few other people to take pictures. I suspect I'll be in no condition.

And I'll try to avoid the "colorful" remarks to the Dean.