Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Santa-Do you believe?

Christmas with the RevRef is never boring. And I must admit for having 2 non-morning people in his house he does pretty well at getting us going. There has never been a year yet when we haven't had to wake our darling daughter. Christmas Eve service always runs late and by the time you get home, put out the milk and cookies, and get everyone to bed it is way past everyone's bed time. So sleeping in on Christmas is always a joy.

When I was a girl, Santa left my presents, except for my stocking, at my grandmother's house and we didn't go to her house till later. So when we woke up, we got our stockings and then went back to bed. It was sheer bliss. However in this house Santa has always done one stop delivery. Do the stockings, you might as well do the works, right?

When I was in 3rd grade (yes, a mere 8yr old) I already knew that it was my mom and dad that filled the stockings. In fact I dont even ever remember leaving out cookies and milk. I however, had an older brother who was 7 years older than I and was good at bursting all the bubbles.

My daughter is an only child and going on 12yr old. This year she found a note left in her fathers stocking from Santa telling him were he could exchange his gift if the elves had indeed told Santa the wrong size. 12 years old is a hard age. An inquistive age. She examined that note against the writting in the address book and deemed it one and the same. "you're Santa" You really needed to see the dejected little face to get the full feel of that statement. I then had to confess to her that yes I had bought RevRefs cowboy boots and put them under his stocking under the name of Santa and would appreciate it if she wouldn't say anything cause I really didn't want to get into trouble for buying something so expensive. Reminding her that 5-yrs ago we instituted a no gift policy and just decided to take time together. She looked me right in the eye and said "Is that all you bought?" I nodded. She then came to me with a cowboy hat that was on top of her santa gifts. Ok, I confessed again, all the while explaining that, that the hat didnt have a tag on it cause it was really from me but since we dont exchange gifts it wouldnt be fair for it to be from me and I was kinda hoping that I could pass it off as from Santa.

I think I may have won this round but I dread the day when all of the surprise and wonder comes to an end. There is nothing better than watching your child open presents and wonder how Santa knew she/he wanted that. Seeing the joy on their face that is the magic. That is what makes me believe in Santa. When finances are tight and we are still able to put food in the food bank, toys for Samaritans Purse, and special thing for our own family and friends that is when I know that Santa exists. I couldnt do it without him.


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