Friday, December 03, 2004


Most of you know that RevRef did his first wedding last weekend and did a mighty fine job if I might say so. What some of you might not know is that our daughter did not attend. She chose to not go to either the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, or the wedding. So we did what all good parents do. We put her to work. Saturday morning prior to leaving for the wedding we taught her how to do laundry. I might add that she already is in charge of cleaning the bathroom. So little Cinderella did the bathroom, then proceeded to do all of the laundry! She even folded it all. She is not great at folding shirts yet but gives us time we will work on that.

This morning I went to get dressed for work. My one day this week in the clinic so I chose my favorite scrubs. Brightly colored with cats and dogs all over them. I then went to get my socks that match when to my surprise they were in my daughters laundry bag.

You definetly know that your children are growing up when they are doing your laundry and then wearing your clothes. Oh well at least my favorite scrubs were clean.


Anonymous said...

Tell her stop. She can't grow up that far away from me and everyone else here who loves her. You must put an end to this right away!


The Lovely Wife said...

Ill let her know! Sometimes her growing up is kinda nice but when her feet are bigger than some of your friends it's kinda scary. I tell her to quit growing and she just laughs

tracy said...

The day you teach your child how to do laundry is truly a day of freedom!