Saturday, November 27, 2004


Ok Thanksgiving is over and the turkey turned out fine. For those of you who may have been following along it will not be my last because my daughter has informed that since we arent able to go to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving, the turkey is the only thing left that makes it feel like Thanksgiving. In short she likes the turkey and we will keep doing the turkey.

I am passed the phase were I dont want to celebrate T-day any more and am now able to step back and take a look at things in a little better light. If you have seen my hubbies blog (AKA RevRef) you will already know that we have a lot to be thankful for here. There is always the typical house, home, family, MOUNTAINS.... But today I want to be a little bit more specific. I grew up in a family that didnt really go to church, so being married to a priest is quite a jump and if most of my highschool friends new that I was the "priest's wife" I think they would all just laugh. But today I got to watch my husband perform his first wedding ceremony and I got to be the "church lady" who makes sure everyone is in the right place at the right time. Watching my husband preach today made me very THANKFUL that he is my spouse and that I'm his wife. Im very thankful that he has brought God center stage in my life. I have one older brother. Growing up we didnt get along, not even close. We have gotten over the sibling stuff of our youth and our now pretty good friends and I am watching him find himself as he has taken on College, trying to finish prior to his 16-year-old daughter begining. Even though finances are tight he took the time to call me on Thanksgiving. I am THANKFUL that we are now friends and both finding our way and both involving God in that path. Before today's wedding service, knowing that Sunday is the first day of Advent and the church color changes to purple and also knowing that my husband does not have a purple stole I made him a stole so that he would have a purple one for Advent. When I was a little girl my grandmother, who I spent more than A LOT of time with, taught me to sew. For her knowledge that she shared with me, and continues to share, I am THANKFUL. I have now made RevRef 3 of his 4 stoles and each one is unique in it's one way. I still hate to do the hem but other than that I enjoy making them as much as I enjoy seeing the joy on his face when I hang them around his neck to look at the finished product. Thank you Grandma for not only teaching me to sew but for teaching me to take pride in what one does. On Thanksgiving I called my folks and cried because I missed family, noise, and hub hub in the kitchen. My mom who always takes the time to care and listen did so even though they had reservations in 10 min. She then gave me a needed pep talk, cheered me on like she has done all my life and then has proceeded to try to check in with me every day since. (she got my daughter one day and the answering machine the next, sorry mom we were at the wedding). I am THANKFUL that my mom and dad are always there when I need them. No matter how minor or major the problem may be. Growing up my family listen to all sorts of different music. For 18years while I lived at home I was exposed to classical, rock, musicals, barbershop, country, and my dad even had an LP of different sounds like race tracks, etc that he would listen to. Music was not only listen to and encouraged in our house, it was absorbed. My dad would listen at high levels until you could feel the sound waves absorbing through your skin. It turns out, for this too I am THANKFUL. I didnt understand how this would become importand in my life until now. Recently a parishioner loaned RevRef a copy of Handle's Messiah since Rev had never heard it before. Thankfully while listening to it I can say I enjoy it. Rev can't. I even tried to get him to picture it being done by Veggie Tales but even that didnt work. Long and Short of it: The parishioner thinks that I have great music taste and thinks that Rev needs help. Cant really argue with him but....For not my dad Im not sure I would have enjoyed it either. THANKFULLY I like pretty much all music except polka, not quite sure why dad and mom listen to that. Although it is kinda cute to watch my mom dance to. I guess what Im trying to say is that my world has been touched since I was a little girl in many ways and continues to be touched every day by countless others, some I may not even realize have touched my life until later on down the road. But for all the bumps, dips, and smooth patches that God puts in my road I am THANKFUL, for eventually I will learn something from them all. It just may take me a while. But like with music, which as a kid I just enjoyed, someday it will all come together for me and hopefully if you too take the time to look at your life it will come together for you too.


Jane Ellen+ said...

Amen, and amen, sister. And I am thankful for the both of you, even (or maybe especially) so far away.

(You ever think of taking up a bit of preaching yourself?)

Anonymous said...

You're all in my prayers. And (like Jane) am very THANKFUL that you're all in my life. I am THANKFUL for the 3 years that we did have together.

Peace to you in the Advent season.


Tripp Hudgins said...

Nice, Lovely Wife. This was really nice. Thanks.

Peace and all good things to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

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