Thursday, December 09, 2004


Is it right to keep a job that bores you to tears? Is a job worth keeping that frustrates the pants off you cause you are always picking up somebody elses mess? Especially when you only work at that job 4-8hr/week? When you weigh out the pros and cons, wouldnt it be better to be home and taking care of ones family during those 8hr? Then at least Im frustated and picking up after the ones that I love.

It's not like I don't have an other job. I work, doing transcription, from my home as well as teaching a couple of kids piano lessons. So what is it that is keeping me at this clinic job that I cant stand? Is it loyalty? Is it the posibility that I could work at the clinic full time at some point? But then would I want that? Is it the fear that I'll loose the transcription job? And what happened to walking in faith? While RevRef was in Seminary I dreamed of someday being able to be a "housewife". So why, when I finally get the opportunity to do what I have dreamed of, do I resist the urge to walk away from a clinic job? Especially a clinic job that I don't even like?

Does everyone have trouble with change or is it just me?


Justin said...


I am going through the same struggles. I am bored and tired. I want to work outside. No more office...bleagh. But I get a steady pay check and have insurance. So, that is what keeps me where I am. I feel your struggle, though.

Reverend Ref + said...

No, hon, you aren't the only one who is afraid of change. For as much as people talk about "the grass being greener on the other side," we still get scared about giving up a sure thing.

It'll work out.

Jane Ellen+ said...

If there are people who don't have trouble with change, I've not met any of them; I'm certainly not on that list.

Walking in faith? Seems to me that the pilgrimage that brought you out to Chicago, and then to a town you'd never heard of before in Montana, has entailed a lot of faithful walking, indeed. You're doing fine.

As for that clinic job... you might ask yourself if that would be a full-time job you'd really need, or like to have, even if it did come available.

Take a deep breath, dear, and give yourself the space that God is holding for you. (^_^)

The Lovely Wife said...

Jane I have asked myself if I would want the clinic job and you know I dont really think I would want it. I also know that I am good it and dont necessarily want to loose any skills. I think I would truly like to just be done with the whole clinic thing here. It's not enjoyable here like my old jobs have been. Peds in Evanston really spoiled me, cause now I seem to be really picky.