Thursday, November 18, 2004

Ok I have gone back to running along my original running route, that is on the hard road, were there are no deer and no hunters, I have made the change at least through the hunting season. I wasnt gonna really worry about it but then I have read some of the statistics. On the highway alone, in a 60mi stretch they pick up approximately 346 deer/year. Then you have the guy who hit the big horn sheep on his motorbike (I should point out that there is no helmet law in MT that I know of) and then you have the guy who was on his bike (regular bicycle) and hit a deer, and then you have the runner who was coming a round the corner and ran smack into a deer. All of the above resulted in numerous fractures, road rash, and other injuries that I really just dont want to incur right now let alone adding the danger of being mistaken for a deer and having a hunter accidentally shoot at me, or shoot at a deer and hit me by mistake. So I guess I will stick to the main road till at least the end of hunting season. Although if you have ever seen me run you would definetely now the diference between me and a deer. They are definetely more graceful than I am. Don't worry Jane my running partner is checking into those flourecent orange sweats.


Dawgdays said...

the guy who hit the big horn sheep on his motorbike Did he end up looking like this?

Anonymous said...

Here in Salem Massachusetts we have a little green space, but not a lot. We are a small/medium sized city.

This past summer/fall, during rush hour, a woman walking through downtown on the busiest street in town was struck by a deer (a doe?), trying to beat the traffic I guess.

The woman was not seriously injured-knocked down- and the deer kept going to wherever s/he needed to be.

At least our coyotes stay out on the golf course.

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